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Arnold: Cole?s coctant form says the best way to reach him is often in the comments of relevant story, so I?ve left a comment asking what support he has for that claim that is now pending moderation. Good luck with that. My comments criticizing him in the past led to my being banned as far as I can tell my posts never leave moderation .


fyi,I think the alablaive evidence indicates Obama sees himself as the hostage or prisoner of rich Jews who determine the outcome of many elections (Senate, House, sometimes even the presidency) in the US. Situation in the UK is much better, and allows for common sense to play a large role in the making of British foreign policy.Yes, many Americans are ignorant, just cannot be bothered to pay attention, or are subject to religious delusions that play into the hands of the manipulators who control Obama.


All you get is a level up and down bouttn on the side. If you want more features then that you might want to consider something a little bit higher up on the food chain.


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