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, Linux IS free, and is a lot betetr than it was in 2000, and I may even initially try it on the SSD I will install on one of my older netbooks, since that won't start life as a dual boot system. Then when I get frustrated again I will just install Windows over it. I have gotten good at that!


What kind of aleiifmprs do you use in your boomcases? Do you reuse old amps out of vintage home stereos? Out of computer speakers? Please let me know. I am curious.


And don't be floeod by Sen. Susan Collins the right wing fringer teabagger from Maine! She loved spending money needlessly under George Bush. There wasn't a tax cut, a budget, or an illegal occupation of a sovereign nation she couldn't wait to vote for! She spent 88% of her time voting in favor of George Bush's economic policies, but yet, she still has the label of being a moderate. POPPYCOCK! Republicans are NOT MODERATES. THEY HATE AMERICA. THEY SUPPORT THE CORPORATIONS ONLY. THEY DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THE LITTLE GUYS GALS IN OUR COUNTRY! Why is it presidents and CEO's of Maine's big businesses have a direct line to Susan's cell phone, but the rest of us get to talk to someone in her office who just sends out a form letter in response? Huh? Oh wait! She hates the average American! Nevermind. She has one of her representatives coming to Lewiston here soon. Guess what time he'll be available to take questions about government from the people? From 1-3pm! Yep, right in the middle of the workday, you know, when hard working Mainers can't take time off. But hey! She only wants to take questions from millionaires anyway. They always give her good feed back on how she's doing. Spit.


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