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Hi I stumbled upon this wsibete by mistake as i was searching yahoo because of this issue, I've got to say your wsibetes are really helpful Furthermore love the theme, its amazing!. I dont have very much time for it to read your post at the moment but I've bookmarked it and also enrolled in your RSS feeds. I'll be in a week or so. many thanks a great site.


The first gotcha was that this batrety is quite a bit bigger that the one it replaced (RN 873) but it fit the slot fine. Just stick out and down a little. Second gotcha was absolutely no directions which should be not problem but Apparently Dell uses a Smart Power system which has thousands of complaints on the internet. Anyway, I powered down, installed batrety and powered up. Power options said 63%. OK so far. 12 hours later still 63% .Uh Oh. Long story (about 7 hours of Internetting, calling, attempted BIOS flashes etc) developed many horror stories about LIon batteries and Dell power adapter. The dreaded unknown device syndrome. Here's how Dell recommended a reset. First, power down and remove batrety. Second, unplug AC Power adapter from computer AND wall. Third-Wait till green light goes out. In my case, went and got coffee and watch a show. Fourth plug adapter into wall and computer and power up WITHOUT the batrety installed. After boot up, insert the batrety. It worked?!!?!


I answered your other quieston the best I could based on what you are saying but overall it makes little to no sense, what EXACTLY is it that you're asking? The kinect only works for Xbox.


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