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The hdmi output from your latopp only works for playing movies out, not screen splitting.If you have a BluRay player in your Sony, the output from your latopp should go directly to the tv, not to your cable box.There should be another video out on the Sony for showing your screen on a projector (PowerPoint presentations and the like).Also this from AfterDawn forums:PowerDVD only displays HD content on the primary display. You have to make your HDTV the primary display. HD content is the only type that is affected in this manner. Thank Microsoft and the HD DRM overlords.So your latopp screen will be black while playing an HD movie out to tv.Was this answer helpful?


For those that are confused about the phsycial size of the replacement battery, this is an extended size battery. There is the standard size that is flush with your laptop when inserted and there are the extended sizes that protrude out approximately one inch from the back of your laptop. You will find this same protrusion on any extended size battery you purchase directly from Dell; it will stick out the back a little and that is normal. The standard size is a six cell battery and will give you a shorter run time on a charge. This is a nine cell battery; this is how they get more run time out of the battery it's bigger ; Considering the same size battery from Dell for an Inspiron 1525 costs $179; I would say paying $39 is a bargain (price I paid at time of purchase). It would still be a bargain even if it lasts only half as long. You can save yourself some headaches though on having to replace your battery more often than necessary:- If you generally have your laptop plugged in and the battery is sitting there fully charged all the time, unplug it and let the battery run down a bit (about 40%) and then remove it. Your laptop will function just fine without the battery. When you need to use the battery, put it back in, let it charge up a bit, and use it.I can't give this product a five star rating as I haven't had it for an extended period of time. I received it, plugged it in, discharged it, and then charged it up to full it shows about 6.5 hours of run time with the backlight on the LCD at dim. Ran it down to 40% and put it away for storage. I'll come back and edit this review a few months down the road.[EDIT - Addition - Jan 31, 2011] Well, a few months down the road has passed by. First, a little background info so you can relate my usage to what I am saying. I am a full time tech college student, I drive a small fifteen minutes both ways to campus, and I attend class four days out of the week. I have the computer on pretty much the whole time as that is where I store my notes, take my notes, and do some of my homework. I use the the battery fairly frequently. With all that use my battery still reads 6.5 hours. Not sure if it is reading right or not, but it does hold a charge through all my classes down to about the 15-20% mark at worst (depending on usage). I do keep the battery on power saver settings while in school; display dimness turned all the way down, display turns off in 3 minutes, goes to sleep in fifteen minutes, and WiFi turned off unless I need to look something up. I do occasionally turn the display brightness up, but turn it back down after. One needs to realize that the more you are demanding out of your laptop it will shorten how long your battery will keep the laptop running; I am pretty much using it for Office 2007. I remove the battery on the weekends as I can run it off the power cord at home.I have been pretty satisfied with the battery, so much that when my wife's laptop (Inspiron 1525) had her battery kick the bucket I went and ordered one for her also (she has the same brand/model laptop as I do). I would buy this battery again and am changing my rating for it to a five star.[EDIT - Addition - October 10, 2011]It has been almost a full year since I bought this battery and it is still going strong. I cannot really add anymore to this than I already have. I am still using this on a regular basis in school and manage to run through my 3-4 hour classes with roughly 15% charge left. I have even made it through my Wednesdays this semester which run me from 10am-4pm with running on very conservative settings (display dimmed as often as possible).I am very pleased with this battery and my wife's battery also.


According to an unnamed srcoue from the Japanese game industry:Major Japanese companies are canceling all projects intended for the Vita and are changing development to the 3DS.Scott Rohde of Sony has denied this is the case, sharing that:I know many, many, many third party developers and publishers are feverishly working on Vita titles, not just for now, but for the foreseeable future.But even so, it’s interesting we’re hearing these sort of things already. I think it’ll take until Christmas before we can be sure which side the truth lands upon. The original quote from the unnamed srcoue, however, does come from Nikkei, a major publication in Japan that has been very accurate with their exclusive reports. 0


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