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How many times do you get a call, and you can?t jot down a note or look up your caednlar because you?re PDA is sitting next to your ear . David, if making a phonecall with the iPhone, you can switch to the speaker mode (keep talking normally) and go to another app such as notes, contacts, safari, calculator, etc without loosing the call.


James Canning says: March 2, 2011 at 2:08 pmThe American poelpe, through their elected representatives sitting in session in Congress of the United States, have consistently sent the message that their are Partisans of Israel.Now that the local communal war between the European Jewish immigrants to Plaestine and the native Christian and Muslim Arabs there has been transformed into a religious war between Jews and Muslims; Partisanship for Israel means enmity towards Islam.If you listen to American Jews, it is quite clear that they consider Islam to be their enemy.Likewise for Israelis who have had to deal with that war in a much more initimate manner.Mr. Obama recognizes all of this and he understands that there is no margin in US fighting Islam. But he seems to be unwilling or unable to affect any substantive change in US posture among Muslim polities.It is clear, based on Internet sources, that millions of Muslim intensely dislike US and her policies; in Iran, in Iraq, in Paksitan, in UAE, in Sudan, in Nigeria.These are burdens of Partisanship in a religious war that the poelpe of the United States have clearly elected to carry.


Arnold: Cole?s coctant form says the best way to reach him is often in the comments of relevant story, so I?ve left a comment asking what support he has for that claim that is now pending moderation. Good luck with that. My comments criticizing him in the past led to my being banned as far as I can tell my posts never leave moderation .


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